City of Lincoln

City Overview

Lincoln is one of Britain's most historic cities. Founded by the Romans in 60 AD the complex character of the city today shows nearly 2000 years of development. From its standing Roman defences, its magnificent medieval cathedral and castle, to its Victorian parks, Garden suburbs and modern housing estates, there is much to discover wherever you are in Lincoln. But the whole city has a character too, one that reflects social and political change over four different millennia.

Short and distant views east from the Observatory Tower of Lincoln Castle toward the Cathedral and surrounding area.

In this citywide part of the website you can investigate the inherited character of the entire City of Lincoln. Find out about what the character of the city is like according to key themes like Housing, Industry and Transport, in the City Description section. See pictures, maps and reconstruction drawings of the city in the Maps and Images section. The Historical Development section provides a summary of the key stages of Lincoln 's development since Prehistoric times. If you want to research deep into the city's past, click on "Related Information" to consult LARA (the Lincoln Archaeological Research Assessment) which describes Lincoln's archaeological eras in great detail, and Monuments which gives information about over 9000 individual structures from the Lincoln Heritage Database. You an also discover some of the main views into and out of the city using the interactive map in the City Views section.