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LARA Research Assessment Zones

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    Learn more about what we know about Lincoln's archaeology and investigate some of the unanswered research questions that exist about the city's complex heritage. Search the map below according to seven specific eras of Lincoln's historical development. Choose a layer from the menu on the left hand side of the map to load the relevant LARA (Lincoln Archaeological Research Assessment) records for that era . Once the information has loaded (this can take 10-30 seconds for some LARA Eras) click on a record, either on the map or in the list on the left hand side, to find out more.

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  • LARA Era Information

  • Prehistoric
  • Roman Military
  • Roman Colonia
  • Early Medieval
  • High Medieval
  • Early Modern
  • Industrial


(10000BC to 60AD) Find out about what the landscape around Lincoln during the Bronze and Iron Ages

Roman Military

(60AD to 90AD) Find out about the foundation of Lincoln by the Roman army in the 1st century AD

Roman Colonia

(90AD to 410AD) Find out about how Lincoln grew to become one of only three Coloniae in Roman Britain

Early Medieval

(410AD to 850AD) Find out about how Lincoln declined after the collapse of Roman Britain

High Medieval

(850AD to 1350AD) Find out about one of the most prosperous periods of Lincoln's history, when the city was re-established by the Saxons and the Normans

Early Modern

(1350AD to 1750AD) Find out about how the city reacted to a prolonged phase of economic decline, when Lincoln lost some of its major industries


(1750-1945) Find out about how the city responded to the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions, and the austere times of the World Wars